Advanced Canine Technologies ® in conjunction with Scent Detection Academy are offering a unique opportunity to participate in 3 modules of how to learn and understand the technical aspects of vapour detection using dogs.

Eric Burchell was involved for 7 years with the UK, USA and South African governments to formulate what was a great concept into a workable and acceptable recognized technology.

The system works using suction to take air samples then analysed by dogs possibly in a different location so can be used in a covert way where dogs are not visible, it is already used by the security industry in air and sea ports, the medical profession and has many other applications to take samples in a quick and efficient way.

This training education is not available anywhere else in the world.

Vapour detection is at the cutting edge of dog training disciplines and requires skill and dedication from any participants interested in learning about this fascinating way of training.

The modules will cover many aspects including, dog selection, sample preparation/ storage, equipment usage, understanding air flow statistics, imprinting the dogs, process of sample analysis and understanding behavioural issues whilst progressing through the process!

Learn this fascinating technology using operant conditioning training principles and proven and tested lecturers with decades of training experience.

There are limited places available for this rare educational opportunity.

Please contact Eric Burchell or Hotsche Luik at

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