Eric Burchell offers private lessons for individuals and small groups, next to detection and vapour education we offer several hunting classes, workshops, clinics and lectures.

Occasionally we sell young adult dogs, partly trained dogs and fully trained dogs. We also occasionally breed a litter, more information about the dogs or planned litters and pups can be found on the Bournepark Gundogs web-site.

Dogs can be sourced to owners individual requirements.

For information:

Hunting Classes

Training classes either on an individual basis or group sessions offered by Eric Burchell, English Kennel Club judge for spaniels and joint owner of and for any breed of hunting dog.

Eric has trained many breeds, including Spaniels, Retrievers, Pointers/ Setters and HPR breeds and ran his own shooting enterprise in England for 12 years donating Field Trials to different clubs and societies.

If you have just an outside interest of training hunting dogs to the top of their ability or want to compete at the highest levels of Field Trial competition then this is an education no to be missed, training dogs the English way!!

We offer one to one sessions with puppy’s, young adults and older dogs and work upon the principle of trying to obtain perfection with reward based operant condition training methods.

If you are just wanting to better your dog as a pet/companion or training in a more meaningful way to condition your hunting dog then give us some consideration.

We are based in Oude IJsselstreek, Gelderland Netherlands and have excellent facilities offering professional training which has produced many Field Trial Champions and Winners from the United Kingdom and including the USA and Italy.


  • Basic evaluations and prospective training programme
  • Power point education of psychology and philosophy
  • Training basic obedience
  • Evaluating particular issues
  • Understanding shaping behaviour
  • Professional tips and tricks
  • Expectation beyond the normal

Lessons are based on an hourly basis and are accepted only after an evaluation of both dog and owner.

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