Arson / Accelerant Detection Dogs

We can supply trained arson / accelerant detection dogs for fire and rescue services, insurance companies to validate crime scenes where there has been deliberate ignition of buildings, factories and vehicles.

Dogs can be tested on ignited and unburned accelerants.

Bio-Medical Detection Dogs

This area of detection has proven to be a very technical and innovative discipline and extraordinary skill has been required to validate spectacular results.

In several cases it’s being done to proof a principle. Proof of Principle Research is having scientific validation with results published by medical bodies to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the results are in fact reliable. In numerous other cases trained dogs are able to assist their owner and warn them if necessary, for instance Diabetes, Narcolepsy, Addison and that body condition is at a dangerous level.

Hotsche Luik has over 20 years of experience in this specialism. Amongst other projects including research on Cancer Detection. For instance, bladder, colon, ovarian, lung, breast, prostate, skin etc.

In 2012 a very unique medical research in which she participated was published in the British medical Journal, Christmas issue, combined with a short documentary. She was the first known dog handler/trainer/ scent detection and behaviour expert in the world who trained a dog to detect a specific bacteria, Clostridium Difficile. Not only on samples but also with patients in hospitals which was a great success! This study proved that early detection to prevent outbreaks can save lives and enormous amounts of money.

Counterfeit Currency Detection Dogs

These dogs are used to detect counterfeit money by the difference in material used to produce this fake money.

Criminals attempt to produce counterfeit notes but are unable to reproduce exact replicas of original banknotes. Dogs are trained to be able to differentiate between original and copies.

Diabetes Alert Assistance Dog (DAAD) Training

It is possible to learn how to train a dog for someone coping with diabetes or to train your own dog as a diabetes alert dog. We will evaluate the possibilities of the dog and trainer not only at the start but also during the course. In person and by film. In the time between modules the students have to keep a record on paper and by film.

We, Scent Detection Academy and Advanced Canine Technologies ® offer this education program in 3 modules, each module is 5 day’s in duration and has to be successfully completed, including assignment before continuation to the next module is possible.

It is possible to enter the first module without a dog. We can then discuss the possibilities and requirements to assert a suitable dog.

Certification is only awarded after completing all 3 modules including assignments successfully. Re-certification of the dog and/or trainer is required every year (12 months), under our rules and regulations.

The level of the education offered by the Scent Detection Academy/Advanced Canine Technologies ® is well above requirements as they will be composed in the protocol for training and functioning as a Diabetes Alert Dog or Diabetes Alert Assistance Dog by a group of proven international renowned trainers.

Scent Detection with Different Species than Dogs

It has been a challenge to try and work with different species than dogs in various scent detection programs. Hotsche Luik has been working in several research trials with other animals, for instance Cats, Pigs, Mice, Rats, various Insects, etc.

At this moment Scent Detection Academy is involved in an astonishing new research area specialising Bio-Medical research.

Eco / Endangered Species Detection Dogs

These dogs are trained to detect the whereabouts of endangered species, often in collaboration working with biologists and/or wildlife preservation organisations to validate scientific research. In this detection program most important information is to find the evidence of the live animals. This can be done for instance by detecting scat, fur, feathers, eggs, or specific location identification, etc.

Another area of endangered species detection dogs is to find the remains of the animals. For instance, gall bladder, teeth, skin, rhinoceros horn, ivory, abalone, etc. One of the working areas of these dogs is at borders and transit points, where in some cases they can even find live animals, smuggled from country to country.

Explosives / Narcotics Detection Dogs

Scent Detection Academy have trained and produced explosive / narcotic detection dogs for Military, Police / Government agencies and Private security companies for many years.

We use top quality dogs, all are fully vetted, tested, evaluated to work in the most extreme circumstances.

We use modern up to date operant conditioning training methods. All dogs carry a conditional two year guarantee.

Money Detection Dogs

Often used at border control / check points / airports to detect large amounts of currency usually from criminal / launder activity into foreign bank accounts. Hidden in for instance luggage or on people.

These dogs are able to find money hidden in unusual places. Cash, often covered in substances with powerful other smells.

Pest-Control Dogs

A pest control dog is a dog that by finding the “pest”, mainly different kind of insects, can in an early stage contain an outbreak of the “pest”.

For instance: With modern migration now becoming an everyday occurrence, many countries within the EU and USA are experiencing huge problems with for instance Cimex lectularius (bed bugs).

Scent Detection Academy is currently involved in possible research and development contracts to implement new detection technology.

If ongoing trials and evaluation are successful, it will revolutionise and out-date current detection methods.

Optical Disc Detection Dogs

Dogs have been trained and certified to be able to detect optical discs.

They cannot distinguish between counterfeit or legitimate copies but have recently proven to have found many thousands of elicit discs in various countries with great success.

Pipeline Detection Dogs

For many large companies it is a problem to detect the exact location of a leakage. Mainly oil or gas. This may involve digging up meters or kilometres of pipeline to find the exact place of the leakage.

Pipeline detection dogs can indicate the exact location of the leakage within approximately a meter. The dogs are trained on an agent which is added into the system which dogs can be trained to recognise. This will save enormous amounts of work, disturbance of environment and it out ways many modern technology detection systems, which in turn is more cost effective.

Tracking Dogs

The tracking dogs trained by, or in cooperation with Scent Detection Academy are next to traditional tracking dogs, following the scent of someone disappearing, often trained in additional disciplines. Such as taking scent of a closed car, following a bicycle or taking scent from a bicycle, taking scent of special tools used for instance for a burglary or hold up, etc. They are the specialists in their field and often used for different tracking disciplines.

Vapour System

A versatile two part air extraction system. Samples can be taken in a covert way and then can be analysed at a different location without the need to have dogs on site.

Ideal for the sampling of sea containers, aircraft, vehicles at border crossings, hotel complexes, university campuses, etc. Samples can be analysed in a matter of minutes!!

This system is perfect for bulk analysis and has an advantage over conventional search teams. This system is validated and is being implemented by a very few specific companies over the world. Scent detection Academy was instrumental in making this a specialist viable technology with scientific certification with research and development with International government agencies.

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