Scent Detection Academy offers comprehensive high standard education programs with several expertise modules to follow the general education of basic scent training.

We offer 4 general 2 day modules with basic to advanced training and information essential to understand how the dogs nose is working and why certain choices will and can be made both for the trainer / handler and the dog. These modules are supported by a variety of clinics which are possible to attend and the option to make appointments for private training.

Following these general education modules we offer the possibility to become a general instructor in for instance tracking or searching. You have to be a certified instructor for general obedience classes to follow the program.

Next to this complete program we offer several modules and follow up modules to become a qualified trainer in a certain line of work. For instance diabetes alert dog training, vapour system, eco dogs, general detection etc. But it is also possible to support you and see what other options are available in training, safety and ethics or if you have any specific training program you wish to discuss with us.

It is possible after consultation and discussion to offer education programs on location at your own venue or country.

Because the Scent Detection Academy offers these full and international education programs recognised by several foreign organisations and government agencies, we have a broad network of worldwide contacts. We always observe our students and offer possible selections and options to prospective students for different projects.

We offer several specialised education programs for dog trainers and scent trainers to become an expert in certain fields of expertise. We offer these programs to individuals or groups who, for instance have some expertise in a certain line of work involved in research, health care, nature preservation.


  • Specialised education program to become a diabetes alert dog trainer.
  • Specialised education program to become an eco / endangered species dog trainer.
  • Specialised education program to become a bio-medical dog trainer if you have any contacts or expertise in this line of work.

Education Topics

The following are examples of topics we provide courses, workshops, seminars and lectures on. Please note, some courses are thought in Dutch only for the time being.

Animal Assisted Therapy / Animal Assisted Interventions

(Dutch Only)

Chicken Training

More to follow

Diabetes Alert Assistance Dog Training

Training dogs to help people coping with diabetes

Dog Language Micro Observations

HondenTaal – Dutch Only

Eco/Conservation Dog Training Course

For starting Eco/Conservation detection work

Master-Instructors Course

Better yourself and better your instructions

Nose Activation

(Dutch Only)

Profiling Introduction

(Dutch Only)

Scientific Scent Training

Insight into proven training methods of scent training

Searching for Truffles

Fun and educational truffle searching workshop, for dogs and handlers of any age

Tracking on Variations

Only small groups and limited places

Training the Trainers

Cutting edge training techniques and the latest training equipment

Vapour Detection

This training education is not available anywhere else in the world!

And More!

Looking for something else? Take a look at our expertises or contact us for more options

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