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Tom Hendrikse

Mijn naam is Tom Hendrikse en in het dagelijks leven ben ik Dierenarts te Amersfoort. Daarnaast ben ik met mijn eigen honden actief binnen verschillende takken van sport.
Binnen het reddingshonden werk en zoekwerk ,waarbij vooral het inzetmatig werken met de honden centraal staat, ben ik actief als inzetbare combinatie. Daarom heb ik met mijn hond het Staatsexamen behaald. Ook speur ik met mijn honden en hou ik mij bezig met het sorteren.
Het speur- en zoekwerk heeft mijn absolute prioriteit maar ik hou mij ook bezig met andere zaken als pakwerk (IPO/ KNPV) en gehoorzaamheid (GG)

My name is Tom Hendrikse and in daily life I work as a veterinarian in Amersfoort. Apart from that I train my dogs in all kinds of activities.
Within SAR I work as an operational K9 handler. For this my dog has been trained for the same exam as the professional Police SAR dogs. (Staatsexamen). I also work my dog in tracking and scent discrimination.
Tracking and scent work have my absolute priority but I also work my dogs in the fields of protection (IPO/ KNPV) and Obedience.

Leida Visée

Leida Visée, DVM graduated from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Utrecht in 1987. After several years of working in a conventional small animal practice, she completed her education as a chiropractor at the European Academy for Veterinary Chiropractic (EAVC) in 2004, as well as attaining certification by the International Association for Veterinary Chiropractic (IVCA). For many years she was an instructor for the Backbone Academy in Germany. In addition, she is recognized as a practitioner of veterinary homeopathy, is a certified veterinary acupuncturist (IVAS), Chinese Food Therapist, Herbalist and TuiNa therapist. She is currently expanding her training into the field of canine rehab.
Leida practices chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy, and works with Chinese herbs and food therapy at Chiron, her complementary practice in Zeist, where she treats companion animals.

Jantine Kuiper – van Dijk

In 2005 Jantine graduated (cum laude) as Biomedical Scientist at the University of Utrecht and, directly after, out of curiosity and interest she went to the University of Amsterdam to study Forensic Science. This was a great opportunity to do get acquainted with the Dutch police and - judiciary during lectures and traineeships, with a focus on the biomedical aspects of different forensic topics and crime scenes. Her studies were followed by a research project of 3-years at the University of Utrecht. Fundamental cancer research focused on cell-cell adhesion, in attempt to suppress tumor metastasis.
In 2010 she started to work in the medical industry to broaden her horizon. You should never stop learning. For her it is important to be open-minded and meet new people and -work environments.
In general, all through life she aims for optimal individual performance within a great inspiring atmosphere, preferably in a team of people, to be able to develop as a person, work according to high quality standards and enjoy every moment of it.
So naturally, when a dog entered her life, the same applied.
Next to the (basic) instructors course at the Martin Gaus Academy she assisted at a local dog school to get more experience, attended a variety of lectures&workshops and did a lot of training with her dog to be able to learn more about the methods and disciplines of dog training in general.
Aiming for a perfect combination of her (medical) scientific background and dog training she met the professionals that were able to help, Hotsche Luik and Eric Burchell of the Scent Detection Academy (SDA), nowadays her mentors. At the SDA she started with the general education of basic scent training in 2014 followed by the expertise module Diabetes Alert Assistance Dog (DAAD) training.
It is a great challenge and responsibility, but also very rewarding, to train a DAAD according to high quality standards and eventually be able to match this dog to a person with Diabetes in such a way it can be a ‘friend’ AND a ‘solution’ that the patient can count on to manage day-to- day life.
She started the DAAD education with her own dog to get experience and acquainted with this difficult discipline. The intriguing nose of the dog never stops to amaze her and hopefully this is just the beginning of a long interesting journey. She wants to keep on learning, also in other areas SDA has proven to be successful in and together with them constantly try to redefine excellence…….