Bournepark is the breeding affix and supplier of sport breed Labradors and Spaniels for our training programmes for both of our companies, Scent Detection Academy based in The Netherlands and Advanced Canine Technologies ® Ltd in The United Kingdom.

Bournepark has been a registered affix in the United Kingdom since 1982, now we have the same registered name affix in The Netherlands as well.

Over the past 38 years our breeding programmes have supplied many fine working detection dogs to over 30 countries worldwide and 10 States in the USA as well as many Field Trial Champions in different countries.

We pride ourselves in breeding and training many of our own dogs for such specific tasks as, medical detection including cancer research, diabetes alert dogs, bed bug detection, explosives and narcotic detection, eco detection and vapour detection.

Both general partners within the two companies have worked in conjunction with government agencies using dogs bred by ourselves.

The type of dogs we breed have strong retrieve drive with magnificent work ethic, completely unfazed by different environments, they are intelligent and learn quickly. All our dogs have great temperaments and are non-reactive to other dogs and are people friendly and all come fully health tested.

We sell puppies, part trained or started dogs or fully trained with the clients own particular programme in mind.

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