Workshops / Seminars / Lectures

On this page you can find lectures, education programmes, courses and workshops with open subscriptions. Some of which will have follow up modules starting at level and module 1. If there are follow up modules and/or dates they will be mentioned in the information of the said course. Subscriptions for follow up modules is often in one. Follow up modules and course for set groups will not be publiced on this page as they are not open access, our education and lectures abroad will not be in this list.

More information can also be found on our social media pages.

Limited spaces so subscriptions are binding.

For separate or private lessons contact us.

For separate organised education courses for your company, group or organisation we will plan them in negotiation.


-November 26, Mini seminar. Belonen versus Bekrachtigen / Reward versus Reinforcement.

-December 4-8, Vapour week 2 (for those who have completed week 1)

-December 10, Medical detection introduction day.

-December 17, Reading programme training day. (for those who have already started the programme)

-December 28-29, Nose Detectives follow up days. Indication training wall, caroussel and free search.


-January 15-19, Hunting week with Eric Burchell.

-January 25-26, Module 1-1 Nose Detective series (M1-2: February 15,16, M2-1: March 14-15, M2-2: April 4-5, M3-1: May 2-3, M3-2: May 23-24)

-January 22, 29, February 5, 12. Hunting class 4x by Eric Burchell.

-February 19-23 Vapour week 3 (for those who have finished week 1 and 2).

-March 18-22, Hunting week with Eric Burchell.

For more information or to sign up, please contact us

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